About Us

Model Ambalaj A.Ş. began its activities with the aim of producing “Kraft bag with handle,” “Kraft bag without handle”, “Die cut bags kraft” in 2020 with the purpose of sustainability, respect for nature and to leave a better world for future generations. 

Company Profile

Our products are in great demand in the packaging of fast food products, in transportation of textile products, in general retail and in e-commerce in-package product presentations: our production capacity  increased to 8 million units monthly and 96 million units annually in the production area of 6,000 m2 in a very short time to meet the increasing domestic and international demands.

Our company equipped with machinery units capable of producing at wide measurement ranges to meet all expectations of our customers   has taken its place among the reputable companies in the industry with its high export capacity for countries such as Europe, Israel, America, Canada.

As a company that has increased its exports, production capacity and number of employees in a very short time since the date of our establishment;

We plan to reach much more important positions in the packaging sector in the near future because we do not compromise our sustainability rules with the principle of leaving a livable world and quality resources for future generations with our commitment to continuous measurement of customer satisfaction, possibility of manufacturability of products in various sizes, adhesion to a very high level of quality, durability, product delivery deadlines, importance we attach to our employees, our determination to support the country’s economy with even higher capacities.


Our biggest goal is to become a leading and well-known brand respecting for people, respecting for nature and sustainability without compromising the principles of honesty, creating employment opportunities for hardworking and educated people more; devoted to customer satisfaction as a principle, constantly increasing the export capacity of the packaging industry.


To produce paper pouch and bags with the shortest recycling time in nature with a trained workforce, technological infrastructure and high production capacity without compromising the principles of sustainability.

Our Values

To produce recyclable products in a very short time, to support zero waste projects, creating social awareness on the importance of recycling rapidly so as to leave a more livable world for us and our future generations and to organize social responsibility projects and train employees continuously on these issues.