The heritage of our ancestors is the trust of our children, our world!

We define the concept of sustainability as a whole of all activities and actions carried out to continue to efficiently use all the existing resources of our World, where we breathe and live our lives, without harming its nature and ensuring that our children and other future generations have these resources in the same way after us.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)


We carry out the necessary systematic and scientific works under the supervision and control of occupational health and safety specialists for our employees work at Model Ambalaş A.Ş in order to eliminate all negative conditions that may harm their health within the working areas and during the working period within the framework of the Occupational Health and Safety Law entered into force with No. 6331 on 20.6.2012.

In terms of our “human first” principle and the importance we give to our employees we aim to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases and we also eliminate the damage that work accidents will cause to workplace safety as a result of the measures we have taken, production safety and efficiency increase. 

In addition to fulfilling the occupational health and safety rules, a proactive model has been adopted in our company in which the workplace physician, occupational health and safety specialist, workplace managers and employees work cooperatively.

Recycling Management

Our FSC® C163167 Policy

Model Ambalaj undertakes that during the period in which it has FSC® C163167 certification, it will not be directly or indirectly involved in the following activities that are considered unacceptable by the FSC:

  • Cutting or trading illegal tree or forest products,
  • Violation of traditional rights and humanitarian rights during forestry operations,
  • Destruction of forests of high conservation value during forestry operations,
  • Transformation of natural forest areas into plantations or non-forestry land,
  • In forestry operations, the use of genetically modified organisms,
  • Violation of any of the ILO Basic Conventions defined in the ILO (International Labour Organization) declaration on the basic principles and rights of work

Supplier Management

Model Ambalaj A.Ş. adopted  principle of leaving available resources to future generations to protect our nature and ensure the continuation of our lives.

We audit all raw material suppliers who are the basis of our production in the field of paper packaging and bag production, which is our main field of activity, within the scope of our SUSTAINABILITY activities.

Our product acceptance criteria are based on not purchasing and supplying any raw materials of content and nature that will affect the rapid recycling of our products to Nature.

In order for our suppliers not to disrupt their sustainability activities and to maintain continuity, on-site detection, sample control, laboratory works and compliance with the standards are often controlled by the teams we create.